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Market update with Jenna Ferguson

On August 31, I had the opportunity to join Jenna Rose Ferguson from Keller Williams Realty for a captivating conversation about the real estate market from a mortgage perspective. Over the course of the past 3+ years, I've not only had the privilege of knowing Jenna as a friend but also witnessed her impressive journey of establishing and flourishing in the dynamic world of real estate. What distinguishes Jenna and makes her one of my most cherished collaborators is her unwavering curiosity – she consistently seeks answers, explores solutions, and embraces continuous learning. This is a huge win for her clients and partners alike.

It was a natural decision when Jenna extended an invitation for me to share my insights on mortgages and market dynamics as seen through the lens of a broker. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jenna for graciously dedicating her morning to our discussion and for generously sharing her platform. Our interaction was not only informative but also infused with shared laughter, fostering a comfortable environment to dissect complex mortgage topics.

During our conversation, Jenna and I delved into a comprehensive array of topics. We explored the nuances of the market landscape, the intricacies of mortgages, and the role of the Bank of Canada, and offered our projections for the conclusion of 2023 along with our outlook for the upcoming year, 2024. Along the way, I divulged insights into handling challenging client conversations, managing expectations, and implementing effective strategies. Our discourse extended to themes such as Portability, the potential for rate increases, and essential preparatory measures for prospective buyers.

Should you find yourself seeking further clarification or guidance, our dedicated team at Port Credit Mortgages is always delighted to assist. For those embarking on the journey of buying or selling property, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Jenna, a true professional who embodies proficiency and is poised to navigate the Fall Market with finesse.

Jenna, your partnership is truly invaluable, and I extend my heartfelt appreciation for the collaboration we share.

For those intrigued by our conversation, the complete video can be accessed via this link. Additionally, keep an eye on our TikTok account over the ensuing weeks for bite-sized segments extracted from the discussion. Any queries directed towards Jenna can be addressed by reaching out to her through this contact. Want to follow Jenna on Instagram

Thank you once again, Jenna, for being an exceptional partner in this endeavour. Here is the video link here.


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