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About Us

We're focused on creating an amazing journey for you, from start to finish.


Our Story

Your home is such a strong connection to your community. Now more than ever, our clients are spending more time at home. Ensuring there is a community you feel welcomed into, where you can grab a coffee, go for a walk with friends or family, or pop onto the highway with ease is so important, and it's our privilege to be part of your buying experience. 

Welcoming you home is one of the most rewarding, energizing, and fulfilling parts of being your trusted mortgage broker.  Port Credit is the home of our office and our family. We named the company after the town where we live so we can always be reminded of that sense of community in everything we do.

Our goal with Port Credit Mortgages is to make you feel confident every step of the financing journey.  To enjoy your experience of securing your home.  So often the financing can be stressful, tedious, and confusing. It is our mission to pave a clear path for you and your family when you are completing the mortgage application all the way until you get the keys to your home. We want to bring that community feeling we love so much to your experience and to be one of the first to welcome you into your new home.

- Emily

Hi I am Emily!

Emily Miszk Mortgage Broker
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