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Interest rate check-in

It is mid-month! Here is a range of where rates are currently. Please note some of the rates may change from lender to lender and rates are subject to change. It is always a great idea to check in with a mortgage professional to ensure the rate you see here is the rate you will get when you purchase. If you need an introduction to a great mortgage broker, I am happy to do so. Slide into my DM’s and say, “Introduce me to your trusted mortgage professional!”

5-Year Specials! 4.59%-5.34% Rates vary based on a down payment, amortization credit and if the home is owner-occupied.

Variable rate mortgage rate special! Prime -0.40 -Prime -0.90 Prime is currently 5.45

That would put the current variable rate of 5.05%-4.55%.

***** All rates are subject to change without notice****

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