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Credit Tip

Do you know about the credit guide of 2-2-2? It can be overwhelming, challenging and sometimes a mystery when maintaining credit. I am not saying this is the only thing that will get you great credit, but it is a neat rule or general guideline.

2-2-2 here is is broken down.

Two types of credit or credit sources. For example, a loan and a credit card.
Both with a limit or capacity of $2000.00 (or more).
Both with a past history of 2 years (or longer).

2 - Sources
2 – Thousand Dollars
2 - Years
This is a great way to maintain and build your credit long-term. Mortgage professionals are a great resource to help with credit maintenance, repair and establishing credit. If you would like to speak with my mortgage partner reach out and I will connect you.

If you would like to learn more about boosting your credit check out The Credit Game – Rules Every Canadian Must Know to WIN by Richard Moxley.

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