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Year-End Preparations for a Successful 2024: A Comprehensive Guide for a successful Mortgage Agent

As we approach the end of another year, it's an opportune time for mortgage agents and professionals to gear up, streamline processes, and lay the groundwork for a successful year ahead. Here's a comprehensive checklist of activities to consider for the end of November and December:

1. Deal submission platform: Dive into your tool for me it is FINMO. Familiarize yourself with deal entry procedures. Utilize the help tab/speech bubble, explore tools, and understand calculators. Building a solid foundation now will ensure seamless deal entries in the future. Clean up old files, archive and so forth. If you haven't had a chance to demo FINMO I 10/10 recommend their relationship with Lender Spotlight and the connection to their document portal and signing software sets Finmo apart from the dated and limited platforms out there. We love how easy it is to use and clean.

2. Network with Lenders: Reach out to BDMs and underwriters via phone. Establish connections, ask about their preferences, and build rapport. Personal connections matter, and they can positively influence how your deals are perceived. These kinds of efforts made now when you do not need something go a long way when you do need a favour or for your file to be looked at right away. People remember kind brokers who care. Be that kind of broker.

3. Year-End Tax Review: Even if you're just starting as a self-employed individual, review your 2023 returns. Ensure everything is in order and explore potential tax-saving opportunities for self-employed professionals. Doing these things now can make 2024 so much nicer than if you were to rush to get the documents needed for tax time.

4. Utilize Knowledge Resources: Spend time understanding the resources available. Familiarize yourself with the database your brokerage offers. Often, simple queries can be answered here, saving time for you and your colleagues. Don't have a database of information to review/ learn from? Then it is absolutely time for us to talk. Send me a note saying "tell me more about BRX Mortgage"

5. Head Office Interaction: Engage with key individuals at the head office. Understand their roles and how they can assist you. Knowing who to approach for specific queries can streamline your workflow.

6. Database Management with BROKEREDGE CRM: Utilize Brokeredge to organize contacts. Ensure all your connections are logged, maintaining a comprehensive database for future reference. Not using Brokeredge? Now is your chance to book a demo. Join my team and get the CRM for free *conditions apply*

7. Explore Productivity Tools: Check out productivity tools like many chat and social media planning tools. These will likely become integral to your daily operations. Here is a link to useful tools you can use in your mortgage business for 2024

8. Certification Renewal Preparation: If due for recertification, start studying or take the test online. Completing this now will alleviate compliance pressures during busier times. Do you need to do your private exam? Do you need to renew your licence?

9. Plan for 2024: Start outlining campaigns, social media strategies, giveaways, and budget allocation for the upcoming year. Preparation is key to hitting the ground running in 2024. Click here for a copy of a business plan that will help you smash 2024 goals.

10. Express Gratitude: Send thank-you cards or gifts to business partners who have supported you throughout the year. Cultivate positive relationships for continued collaboration in the future.

11. Explore Efficient Platforms: Check out platforms like Fiverr for cost-effective solutions to streamline business processes. Explore tools like Sly Caller, Buffer, and Monday that can enhance productivity.

12. Training Sessions Attendance: Attend all mandatory training, especially network or brokerage training. We have so many live but also recorded sessions that will really help you go above and beyond as a mortgage agent. Take advantage of December's slower pace to equip yourself with new skills and knowledge.

As the year draws to a close, taking proactive steps can set the tone for a fruitful and productive year ahead. By investing time and effort now, mortgage professionals can ensure a smoother workflow and increased efficiency in 2024.

Remember, preparation is the key to success. So, embrace these end-of-year tasks and stride confidently into the new year, poised for success in the ever-evolving mortgage landscape.

If there are ways I can support you or if you want to learn more about joining my team let's discuss more on a confidential call together.


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