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This one is for Mortgage Agents - Why I moved to BRX - and why I think you should too.

Why I Moved to BRX as a Mortgage Brokerage to Support My Business

When I decided to move my business to BRX, it was a decision driven by a mix of necessity, ambition, and the pursuit of better opportunities. Looking back, the reasons I made the shift have become clearer and more impactful as my business has flourished. Here's why BRX became the perfect fit for me and my mortgage brokerage business.

The Beginning: A Strong Foundation

I had a great experience with my previous brokerage. The leader was kind, supportive, and genuinely interested in our growth within the brokerage's framework. However, as my business grew and evolved, I found myself needing more flexibility and autonomy that wasn't possible within the confines of my previous brokerage's systems/ the network.

The Need for Flexibility and Customization

I had invested heavily in my business infrastructure, including my own office space, a full-time assistant, a website, CRM, and email domain. Despite this, I was still required to pay for the brokerage's tools and technology, which didn't meet my needs. The cost structure included a 6% split to the network, 10% to the brokerage, and additional fees for tech and tools that I wasn't utilizing.

While I was bringing significant personal volume (around $50 million) and supporting other agents, there was no room for growth in terms of compensation or perks. Despite my contributions, I missed out on valuable bonuses and points that could have furthered my business growth.

Seeking More: The Drive for Better Opportunities

I realized there had to be a way to achieve more. I wanted a cap on fees and better incentives for my efforts, but my volume alone wasn't enough to make this happen. So, I obtained my broker license and proposed a collaborative idea: pooling resources with other agents to achieve top status without additional fees. However, managing this collective proved to be too administrative and time-consuming.

Enter BRX: A Game-Changer

BRX offered a solution that addressed all my needs and more. Here’s what made BRX stand out:

  • Minimal Split: BRX took a very small percentage, allowing me to retain more of my earnings.

  • Tech Flexibility: Scott and the team at BRX encouraged us to use any technology that worked best for our business.

  • Incentives for Coaching and Sharing: I was paid to coach and share my programs with other agents, incentivizing collaboration and support within the community.

  • Revenue Sharing: BRX provided attractive revenue-sharing opportunities for agents I brought on board, which significantly benefited my business.

  • Collaboration vs competition its a real mindset and the team actually lives and breaths this mantra not just the head office but the actual agents because they came from someone else who already is within the brokerage and lets be clear - like attracts like.

The Impact of Innovation and Collaboration

Being part of BRX has been transformative. The innovative environment and support from like-minded professionals have allowed me to offer more value to my clients, business, and partners. I've been able to invest more in my business, lower costs, and achieve significant wins even in a challenging market.

The ability to give back to the broker community and add value without limitations is incredibly important to me. BRX’s approach to challenging old structures and embracing transparent disruption aligns perfectly with my vision for the future of this industry.

A New Path Forward

If you're a mortgage agent feeling stuck or looking for something better, I understand exactly where you're coming from. I was in that same position in January 2023, and making the move to BRX has been one of the best decisions for my business. The last 18 months have been a period of growth, innovation, and success, and I haven't looked back since.

Join me in embracing a brokerage that truly supports your ambitions and helps you achieve your goals. BRX could be the change you need to elevate your business to new heights.

If you’re considering a move or want to learn more about my experience with BRX, feel free to reach out. Let’s discuss how this innovative brokerage can support your business and help you achieve more. 🌟🏡

Want to know more? Check out this video and feel free to book a call with me afterwards.


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