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My 5 part blog diary as a guest speaker for International Women's Day

Part 5 and the final blog in this mini series. Social Media is not only a passion of mine but an actual business. I create content for my husband's company Brokeredge and we sell it to other mortgage professionals so they can look slick online and focus on what they do best. Create lasting relationships. I also coach mortgage professionals at an academy for mortgage agents and mortgage brokers call 10 Loans a Month. So when I was asked how social media has impacted me it was a question I was very passionate about my reply. It has changed my life. Completely.

As a business owner and social media enthusiast, I can't help but rave about the many perks that social media has to offer. From a personal and business perspective, social media provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with others, be authentic, and reach people who we may not have had the ability to before. I recently had the honour of speaking on a panel for International Women's Day. It was an incredible experience to be able to share my journey, my challenges, and my successes with so many other women who are on their own paths to success.

One of the great things about social media is that it allows us to connect with others who share our passions and interests. Whether it's through Facebook groups, Instagram hashtags, or Twitter chats, we can find like-minded individuals who inspire and motivate us. Social media also enables us to build meaningful relationships with people all around the world, breaking down geographic barriers and bringing us closer together.

But social media is not just about making connections. It also provides us with a powerful platform to express ourselves, to be authentic, and to share our stories with others. Through platforms like Instagram and TikTok, we can showcase our creativity and personality, sharing our unique perspectives and experiences with a wider audience.

And from a business perspective, social media can be an incredibly effective tool for reaching new customers and building brand awareness. By leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, we can target specific demographics and engage with potential customers in a way that feels authentic and genuine.

But perhaps the greatest perk of social media is the ability to connect with people who we may not have had the ability to before. Whether it's through Twitter chats or Instagram Live sessions, we can engage with industry experts, thought leaders, and influencers, learning from their experiences and insights.

As a social media enthusiast, I truly believe that the benefits of social media are endless. Whether it's for personal or business use, social media provides us with a unique opportunity to connect, be authentic, and reach people who we may not have had the ability to before. So if you haven't already, I encourage you to start exploring the world of social media and all that it has to offer. Thank you for taking the time to follow along with the lovely opportunity I was gifted by IDC WORLDWIDE INSURANCE being along side such incredible females in business was an absolute pleasure. I enjoyed the honest conversation and I am blessed to be sharing this world with so many impactful people some of whom are women and all of who shine brighter everyday.


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