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My 5 part blog diary as a guest speaker for International Women's Day

Part 1 If we turn back time. It is New Year's eve 2022. My husband and I share our goals for 2023. Mine are mostly personal development. I wish to speak on a stage of some form... I say I will make it happen.

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Emily Miszk 4 months pregnant with her Daughter

As a mom, business owner, and leader in the mortgage industry, I recently had the honour of speaking on a panel for International Women's Day. It was an incredible experience to be able to share my journey, my challenges, and my successes with so many other women who are on their own paths to success.

One of the things that I wanted to emphasize during my talk was the importance of being authentic and true to yourself. As women, we are often pressured to conform to certain expectations or to fit into a particular mould. But I believe that it's only when we embrace our true selves and our unique strengths that we can truly thrive.

For me, being authentic has been a key part of my success as both a mom and a business owner. In the past, I had hidden the fact that I was pregnant while I was in the corporate world well into my second term. I felt and was told my career would be limited by children, and being family oriented and I would completely change as soon as I had become a caregiver.

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Emily Miszk taking a call with a client while doing a content shoot with her Daughter

Since leaving that world I have never tried to hide the fact that I have children and that they are a huge part of my life. In fact, I believe that being a mom has made me a better leader, as it has taught me the importance of empathy, patience, and flexibility. Not only that but it allows me to connect with my clients, community and partners. It also has not limited my ability to be a good business owner or leader.

Similarly, in my business, I have always been open and honest about my approach and my values. I believe that my clients appreciate this transparency, and it has helped me to build a strong and loyal client base. It also has allowed me to find other partners who value the same transparency which allows me to further better my clients and their goals. Limiting the ego, and focusing on their primary concerns and needs.

Of course, being authentic isn't always easy. It can be scary to put yourself out there and to be vulnerable, especially in a professional setting. But I truly believe that it is worth it in the end. When we are true to ourselves, we are able to connect more deeply with others, to build stronger relationships, and to achieve greater success.

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Back Stage At the Zoom Meeting Prior to the event start

So, as I sat on that panel for International Women's Day, I spoke from my heart, sharing my experiences, my challenges, and my triumphs. And I hope that by doing so, I was able to inspire other women to embrace their own authentic selves and to pursue their dreams with confidence and courage. Thank you so much to IDC Worldsource Insurance Network for this incredible opportunity. I am beyond grateful. To watch the entire panel please click the link here.


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