Brendan Pajak

Mortgage Agent

I began my journey in the mortgage industry in 2005 and have a wealth of knowledge and experience upon which to draw that includes understanding clients’ unique lending requirements and fitting the right solution to their needs. 

This expertise allows me to help you understand the home buying process from a financial standpoint which can often be more complicated than many realize.


Being your mortgage agent allows me to help you turn your dreams into realities. That means that you are ready when it is time to buy your first home knowing that your mortgage is in place. It also means that when your mortgage term is up for renewal, I will have access to a number of excellent lending partners to ensure that there is healthy competition for your valuable business. 

I am passionate about taking away people’s unsureness, worries, and struggles. If you are drowning in debts and fearful of bills as they come due, I want to help you remove that fear and turn it into relief. 

Let me partner with you and help you realize that a home can be more than just four walls and a roof.

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